About Fishtastic

more than just a dog treat!

Fishtastic Dog Treats proudly upcycles the amazing fish from the pristine waters of Australia.

All fish are harvested using only ethical and sustainable methods.

Fishtastic is dedicated to providing healthy, delicious and 100% Natural Australian Fish Dog Treats to households around the world using only premium grade fish we catch ourselves or from fishermen we know and trust. 

Our single ingredient fish treats are lovingly hand crafted by our doggy chefs, then gently air-dried with zero additives or preservatives.

All of our seafood treats are 100% fish, being the richest source of Omega-3 essential oils, vital for your pets’ health, development and wellbeing!

Our dual ingredient treats use only Australian grown and processed fruits.

We use zero additives or preservatives!

We are committed to our 3 main core values:

  • Giving the dogs (and cats) of the world an all natural, healthy treat.
  • Helping the Commercial Fishers be more viable, as they can now sell all of their catch.
  • Reduce impact on the environment as the Fishers do not need to go out as much.

Fishtastic has a zero waste philosophy!

We obligate ourselves to do as much as we can for our planet.